• A mobile solution for all of your energy data 
    Access your corporate data and US power markets data in one app
  • Power Markets Enterprise

    Your contract, trades, valuations and any other data you could possibly need available on your mobile device

  • Powered by Microsoft Azure cloud computing software
    Secure private cloud infrastructure for you, managed by us 
  • Real time and day ahead pricing 
    Available for all US power markets 24/7 from anywhere

What we do 

Mobile solutions and cloud computing for the energy industry. Power Markets Enterprise allows energy professionals access to corporate and US power markets data in one app. 

Powered by the Cloud

Volatix delivers a completely customized way for you to view your organizational data powered by Microsoft Azure cloud -- a secure private Infrastructure for you, managed by us. Essentially giving your team instantaneous access to company data without the upkeep of managing updates and troubleshooting. 

cloud computing

View Your Corporate Data on your Phone

Power Markets Enterprise gives you secure accessibility to you company's data. Volatix provides a simplified way  to connect to your data.  

Power Markets Enterprise

Power Markets Enterprise software gives you up to the minute information updates for your markets and operational data in the palm of your hand. All of your company’s data will be stored on a secure cloud and streamed to company mobile devices.  Your team will be able to track positions, valuations and market moves. Whether you are looking for an expedient solution or more long term portfolio planning, let us supply you with the tool you need to succeed – Power Markets Enterprise!

Volatix can have your data streaming quickly, and once your company’s information is streaming to mobile devices, we will manage all updates and maintenance.

Corporate energy data

Power Markets

Power Markets gives you real-time and day-ahead pricing for all US power markets instantly, anytime from anywhere.

  • Current real-time and day-ahead energy prices plus real-time demand
  • Instant notifications on large market moves
  • ISO/RTO status updates
  • Market price reporting

Now available for CAISO, ERCOT, MISO, ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM and SPP.


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